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Tech Craftsman Career Building Trade School (TCCBTS)
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In order to offer Tech Craftsman Career Building Trade School's interns/apprentices more than just going to work, becasue that's what TCCBTS is all about, 24 months, working 5 days a week and 8 hours each one of those 5 day weeks, yes, its a school but learning as if it was a job.

TCCBTS's goal is to reward our first-year interns/apprentices by expending their experiences so they can show off their skill while still going to school.

How? Easy we're going to create and develop several, Independent Commercial Businesses for the interns/apprentices to work before class or after class or both, and allowed to work on weekends and paid $15.00 dollars an hour. Now the interns/apprentices are not only earning real money, but learning on the job skill social by interacting with real customers asking for their experience and help.

Review: Assemblage of Auto Related Services to better under each individual commercial businesses. Read and Review ASSEMBLAGE OF RELATED SERVICES

Example 3D FAGO Scanning Arm

The 3D images below were from a different site not scanned by FAGO.

(WARD) will have its own production team made available to anyone of it's affliciates, made up of 3D Animation Technicians, AV/Audio visual Technicians, and Data Entry Technicians. As Online Digital Production Studio students remove engine or transmission components, they will digitally record each step they take during the process, and then each component will go to the machine shop’s washer which will clean off all dirt and grease. Next, the components will be turned over to the production team. The components may be drawn for clarification, 3D image photographed, then entered into the auto mechanic information database. The process will include mounting brackets, cooling fans, connectors, bolts, nuts, studs, etc.

3D images can be rotated showing all sides. The 3D images of bolts studs and nuts will not only show thread pitch, but how far the threads are required to run up the bolt shafts, or if the nut is required to have a built on lock washer. This will assist mechanics in the event items are accidently mixed together. Each component will show the fasteners, and bolts attached making it easier to locate and use. Original automaker shop manuals many times lack proper information to locate certain components, attachments, or fasteners. (WARD) and (TCCBTS) realizes it will take years to build a full auto information gathering database, but this is a start and (WARD) and (TCCBTS) goal is to build a revolutionary mechanic information gathering database

As the engine are disassembled and cleaned, each engine component, either a common chamber, fuel rail, etc. the bolts, nuts, washers, and fastener will made into a 3D image, showing the thickness, length, how far up the bolt shaft the threads run, the thread pitch, etc.

Example of Engine and Components

The photo below shows a complete car disassembled, I'm using this photo as an example of just the engine components and fasteners

This type of scanning arm will constructed in the auto lab will show engine and transmission components can have 3 dimensional views

The above photo is just an expample, but (WARD)'s and (TCCBTS)'s technicians will lay out engine parts in the same manner as removed from the engine

The above photo is an example of how (WARD)'s and (TCCBTS)'s technicians will 3D image engines and engine components

The above photo is an example of how (WARD)'s and (TCCBTS)'s technicians will 3D image engines and engine components