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In order to offer TCBC Tech Career Building Center's interns/apprentices more than just going to work, becasue that's what TCBC is all about, 24 months, working 5 days a week and 8 hours each one of those 5 day weeks, yes, its a school but learning as if it was a job.

TCBC's goal is to reward our first-year interns/apprentices by expending their experiences so they can show off their skill while still going to school.

Only a few IINDEPENDENT COMMERCIAL BUSINESSes will be allowed to setup areas at (TCBCTS) location, such as auto repair, auto body work, auto machine shop, the other business will be located at the assemblage of related services.

Review: Assemblage of Auto Related Services to better under each individual commercial businesses. Read and Review ASSEMBLAGE OF RELATED SERVICES

TCBC’s management and programmers will develop a computerized database to ensure tools and materials are recorded so when tools and materials, or even labor are used the equipment or time can be allocated to the correct operating company. The database will also act as an inventory so as materials are used they can be replenished.

How will this be accomplished? James E Grow, Creator and CEO of both parent and sister corporations will create and develop several, Independent Commercial Businesses to be located at the, “Assemblage of Related Services.”

The Creator and CEO will designate a special area for “Auto Related Repair Shops” These specialty shop will be located in the facility of Tech Career Building Craftsman Trade School, Tech Career Building Craftsman Trade School is not in the business of doing any auto repair, only complete “Remanufacturing of Engines” (TCBCTS) is only a career training trade school.

The special area where the auto repair shop is located is designed for the interns/apprentices who have completed 12 months of engine remanufacturing and transmission rebuilds of 35 different auto-manufactures, makes, models, years, of different vehicles. With such experience (TCBCTS) interns/apprentices are capable of working on customers cars driven in to have repairs made.

The Creator CEO will give permission to Tech Career Building Craftsman Trade School to offer, at a large discount on labor to any customer to bring cars in for repair. Those customers instead of paying the normal shop fees of no less than $90.00 per hour labor, (TCBCTS) will offer the same quality work for $70.00 per hour giving a big discount to customers; this will also encourage other customers to bring their cars in to have repairs completed. A special area will be set up at the school devoted just for that purpose of supporting the “Auto Repair Shop”. As I stated, this program is different than doing a remanufacturing on engines as the interns/apprentices will had been doing.

(TCBCTS) designate a special area for “Auto Related Repair Shops” is much like a college barber’s shop discount haircuts, the differences are big compared between those college barber shops and (TCCBTS), when the barber cuts the hair off the hair is gone or until it grows back, (TCBCTS) like the college will give discounts to “Auto Related Repair Shops” customers but will offer guarantees and the car will be under a warranty on all work completed on their car.

Interns/Apprentices will be allowed to work at the (TCBCTS) specialty auto repair shop before class or after class or interns/apprentices can work both, and allowed to work on weekends.

Interns/Apprentices will be paid $15.00 dollars an hour. The remainder of the money earned in the auto repair shop will go to the operations of (TCBCTS). Now the interns/apprentices are not only earning real money, but learning on the job skill social by interacting with real customers, answering the customer’s questions with expertise and to work on any auto repairs needed.

Thank you,
James E Grow

TCBC’s management and programmers will develop a computerized database to ensure tools and materials are recorded so when tools and materials, or even labor are used
the equipment or time can be allocated to the correct operating company. The database will also act as an inventory so as materials are used they can be replenished.

When Web Auto Repair Database (WARD) started then (WARD) decided to create Online Digital Production Studios to help (WARD) build a new revolutionary auto mechanics gathering database to be used worldwide. (WARD) felt Online Digital Production Studios should give graduate students from Kansas City Art Institute and UMKC, a chance to receive real life experiences, use those KCAI and UMKC graduates as interns/apprentices to work for Online Digital Production Studios As (TCBCTS) interns/apprentices remove engines/transmission then disassemble engines, Online Digital Production Studio’s interns/apprentices can create 3D images of those components so the programmers can place those images online, creating the new revolutionary worldwide auto mechanic information gathering database. This database will be worldwide so any mechanic can look up information, see better descriptions of engine components by viewing both the automaker’s service shop manual and Online 3D images online. This will be a subscription customer pay site used worldwide. (WARD) nor Online Digital Productions Studios are part of Tech Career Building Craftsman Trade School. (WARD) and Online Production Studios are both seperate entities, (WARD) and Online Production Studios are only patners to develop the new revolutionary database, not part of (TCBCTS).

Thank you,
James E Grow

the, “ASSEMBLAGE OF AUTO RELATED SERVICES” which will house the combined businesses.

Assemblage of Auto Related Services Location
It is a very unique assemblage of businesses, combining an all-in-one-auto service center. Each business will have a separate area. If a customer needs their car worked on, the auto repair shop is in the same location and very close by. Our goal is to have the building house a convenience store with fuel, auto parts store, and machine shop. A full truck stop facility with restaurant, diesel pumps, and diesel mechanics, will be in the same building and at a location for over-the-road trucks to have access. The Assemblage of Auto Related Services is a one-stop-shop for everyone and a lot of room for interns/apprentices to gain additional experience and receive a pay check.

Online Digital Production Studio:
The production studio will make money being involved in several areas using TCBC’s interns/apprentices as well as students from any university working on their undergraduate programs. Those partnership university or college undergraduate students will be able to earn both money and their intern/apprentice credentials; the greatest achievement is gaining work experience. The undergraduates will work on projects while being paid $15.00 per hour with increases as they learn. We’ll reach out to colleges with students taking any studio type courses so they can gain on-the-job experience. We will also be open for outside companies needing work developed such as, training tapes, info commercials, instruction videos, etc. Online Digital Production Studios’ Media Center is housed at Assemblage of Auto Related Services Location

  1. Example 1
    Online Digital Production Studios will work alongside the Operations Mechanics Director, the interns/apprentices, associate mechanic/aides to create 3D images of each and every electrical component, electrical connector. Every engine component, as the engine is being disassembled, will have 3D images made as will transmission electrical components and connectors, every component while being disassembled will be scanned. Everything on the vehicle will be made in a 3D image and then placed online for paying customers to use as they repair their own vehicles.
  2. Example 2
    Online Digital Production Studios will develop corporate training videos, digital recording, and college classroom training videos, tapes, and digital recordings on algebra, calculus, on all mathematical courses. Those videos, tapes, or recordings will address how the math pertains to real life. A lot of students do not understand the x or y on one side of the = sign and number on the other side. An example, the x could represent the number of nails to build a shed, the y could represent the amount of lumber. All training tapes, videos and digital recordings will be on the pay website available for a fee. This would be a source of additional revenue, a big part of the profits going back into the career building and university. Each of the independent private commercial business will train interns/apprentices with on-the-job training to increase their job skill while building their careers.
Auto Machine Service Center
Open to outside customers to bring their auto components to machine; those customers will pay full price. If the customer brings in damaged components the machine shop can use the 3D printer to make the component, then the machine shop can reproduce the component. The machine shop will advertise on the internet so anyone in the world can send us their components for reproduction then, after payment, we will return their component(s) with the reproduction(s). Again a big part of the profits will be disbursed the same way as the other businesses. Auto Machine Service Center is housed at Assemblage of Auto Related Services Location

Auto Body Collision Restoration Service Center
Open to the public and the business will also contract with insurance companies and car rental companies to repair or recondition their vehicles. Interns/apprentices will be learning a career in Auto Body Collision; this course is complete engine, transmission and body factory remanufacturing. The vehicle will be like a new car when driven off the property. Auto Body Collision Restoration Service Center is housed at the Assemblage of Auto Related Services Location

Assemblage of Auto Related Services: Is designed for customer while visiting anyone of the services shops: The Auto/Truck Stop Convenience Store
The Auto Stop Convenience Store Shopping Center is designed not just for customers of one of the centers, but for drive-in customers to stop for a cup of coffee, gas, fresh sandwich, and soda, any product 7-11 or QT offers. Gas, diesel fuel, etc. will also be sold. The Auto/Truck Stop Convenience Store is housed at TCBC’s Assemblage of Auto Related Services Location

Auto Repair Shop
The auto repair will be open to any customer not just for auto repair, but to build to muscle cars, or even NASCAR racecars if requested. We will be able to design high performance engines and special racecar bodies. Our advanced graduate students will be a big part of this company. Auto Repair Shop is housed at TCBC’s Assemblage of Auto Related Services Location

Auto/Truck Machine Center
If a customer needs engine components machined, the machine shop is in the same assemblage of businesses close by. Drop off your component, either wait or come back. Auto/Truck Machine Center is housed at Assemblage of Auto Related Services Location

Auto Parts Service Center
The auto parts service center is designed much like an O’Reilly’s or Auto Zone in selling the same products. There’s a big difference in this unique center, much more services than those other auto parts store mentioned, a customer will be able to walk in and find everything they’ll need. Every customer will receive help from TCBC mechanics/customer services agents who are the interns/apprentices of course. Those interns/apprentices will have had experience of working with 35 different automakers’ makes, models, and years of vehicles, more experience than most mechanics working in an auto garage or dealership. When a customer comes in needing an experienced person to help them regarding an engine or transmission component, they will just need to ask. If a customer needs advice on fixing a certain problem, the answer is right then and there.

This store will also be a tool and construction equipment rental center. When a customer walks in they can rent any specialty type of tool to fix their car or build a garage or porch. Auto Parts Service Center is housed at Assemblage of Auto Related Services Location

Auto/Truck Stop Dinning
This restaurant will be designed showing old cars but with those old cars along with a photo of the car which went through a complete auto restoration, same with trucks. The atmosphere will be for auto and truck enthusiasts, even large trucks for the over-the-road truckers using the truck stop area to fuel but after fueling their truck want to obtain fuel in the form of food. The Auto/Truck Stop Dinning is housed at Assemblage of Auto Related Services Location

Construction Company-General Contractor
The following two definitions best describe what TCBC’s construction is all about. This will be a full blue collar construction company with its own curricula. The interns/apprentices while working on job sites of private customer construction needs will be paid by contractors who actually pay their interns/apprentices.
The curricula, carpentry, masonry, roofing, electrician, plumbing, flooring, sheet rockers, and other programs involved in construction, including having access to an architect, and instruction on all codes and regulations so interns/apprentices can take city, county, state tests to become licensed.

We will be a full construction company to be hired to build homes or other types of buildings, but our main goal is to work with the city and neighborhoods to go into homes of the elderly and handicapped, help find grants to cover costs to rewire, put in new plumbing, and take the old roofing off, deck and put on a new roof. The home owner will receive the labor free just pay for materials; that is where the grants come in.

We would also like to work with neighborhoods rehabbing abandoned homes or apartment buildings, which have become run down. There are fire damaged homes in desperate need to be rebuilt. We envision purchasing those buildings or homes and bringing them back to a useful condition. When we sell the reconditioned home the owner must sign an agreement with us and the neighborhood association, they cannot resell their homes to an absentee landlord and the buyer must live in the home for a specified number years.

This applies to the quality of life in neighborhoods. The homes we personally purchase can be designed to help our country’s wounded warriors’ needs. Construction Company-General Contractor is housed at Assemblage of Auto Related Services Location

Business Intellectual Concept Created by James E. Grow Library of Congress Copyright (c) 2015-TXu 1-954-607 Certificate of Regristration