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In order to offer Tech Craftsman Career Building Trade School's interns/apprentices more than just going to work, becasue that's what TCCBTS is all about, 24 months, working 5 days a week and 8 hours each one of those 5 day weeks, yes, its a school but learning as if it was a job.

TCCBTS's goal is to reward our first-year interns/apprentices by expending their experiences so they can show off their skill while still going to school.

How? Easy we're going to create and develop several, Independent Commercial Businesses for the interns/apprentices to work before class or after class or both, and allowed to work on weekends and paid $15.00 dollars an hour. Now the interns/apprentices are not only earning real money, but learning on the job skill social by interacting with real customers asking for their experience and help.

Review: Assemblage of Auto Related Services to better under each individual commercial businesses. Read and Review ASSEMBLAGE OF RELATED SERVICES

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Like any American Dream, (WARD) too has a dream; the creation to enhance automotive technology. (WARD) is an acronym for Web Auto Repair Database.

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TCCBTS's Auto Body Restoration Technology will not only be part of the TCCBTS's internship/apprenticeship programs but will be part of TCCBTS's private commercial businesses:

This business is designed for individual or business around the world to send us their vintage cars for restoration.

Vintage cars or trucks going through a restoration program will have the auto or truck body removed from the frame, engines and transmissions will be removed, then the frame will have anything attached, such as brake and fuel lines will be removed, the frame will be cleaned, frame will be straightened if needed, unibody, (a one-piece frame and body structure), parts of the body and will be strengthen where needed, then the frame or under unibody will go through a sand blast cleaning, power washed, then frame will be painted.

New brake and fuel lines will be installed secured to the frame as the originals.

New all-around disk brakes will be added to the frames cars or trucks

The removed body will have all rusted metal removed, new metal will be welded and then technicians will grind away the weld trails or marks, there will be no plastic or fiberglass replacements on the restored body.

After the body has been restored, the entire undercarriage of the car will undercoated for better protection

If the client requests, the engines and transmissions can be rebuilt, or if the client requests to modify their car by designing a muscle car it can be done, or if the just want a vintage car with a brand new engines and transmission then those can be added, if needed engine compartment can be altered to fit the new engine and transmission.

If the client requests, front and back seat will be removed, reconditioned or reinforced springs, padding, reupholstered, then reinstalled

Dashboards will be removed, new heater core will be added im possible, or reconditioned, and new wiring will be added where needed.

Trunk space will be restored as the body, all rusted areas will be removed and new metal added new carpeting will be added to match the interior of the car.

When the car or truck leaves the shop it will be new.