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In order to offer Tech Craftsman Career Building Trade School's interns/apprentices more than just going to work, becasue that's what TCCBTS is all about, 24 months, working 5 days a week and 8 hours each one of those 5 day weeks, yes, its a school but learning as if it was a job.

TCCBTS's goal is to reward our first-year interns/apprentices by expending their experiences so they can show off their skill while still going to school.

How? Easy we're going to create and develop several, Independent Commercial Businesses for the interns/apprentices to work before class or after class or both, and allowed to work on weekends and paid $15.00 dollars an hour. Now the interns/apprentices are not only earning real money, but learning on the job skill social by interacting with real customers asking for their experience and help.

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How (WARD) Can Help You Fix Your Own Car:

Example procedures on disassembly: 2002 Isuzu Trooper LS 3.5L V6 DOHC-4W Automatic Transmission

There are three different criteria that must be met before deciding to purchase a vehicle and/or pull an engine and do the rebuild. The vehicle must met two requirements.

  1. Good body
  2. Good interior
  3. Good engine

The Isuzu Trooper met two of the criteria requirements

  1. Excellent body
  2. Excellent interior

So it was worth doing the rebuild. This Isuzu Trooper has a body that needs no repair, body is in excellent condition, you can see this from this angle
As can be seen: body and interior are in good shape

Photo #1 shows vehicle from the
passenger side front

Photo #2 shows vehicle from
the drivers side

Photo #3 shows vehicle's rear

Photo #4 show vehicle's front interior

Photo #5 show vehicle's rear interior

The Interior and Body: Excellent Condition

The following are step by step photo's taken during engine removal and rebuild.

Photo's below of 3.5 L V6 in car, we did an diagnostic on the car engine, there was a loud knocking sound, we preformed a test, disconnected coil over, plug on each cylinder, the sound did not change, a compression test showed #2 piston had problems.

We anticipated a lot of damage to the interior of the engine.

Photo #6
Shows engine from the
front view on the passengers side of

Photo #7
Shows engine from the passengers
side while attaching removal
chain attached to engine lift

Photo #8
Shows engine middle front
view of vehicle with slack
of lift chain taken

Photo #9
Shows engine left view
with lift chain just added to engine

Photo #10
Shows engine on engine
hoist used to remove from vehicle

Photo #11
Shows engine on
the wooden pallet

Photo #12
Shows engine placed on wooden
pallet to hold so flexplate can
be removed so the engine can be placed
on engine stand for disassembly

Photo #13
Shows engine electrical wire
harness was removed

Photos above shows the preparing to remove engine engine being raised out of vehicle

  • More accessories removed, you can see several engine wire harness connections, battery was removed.
  • Several engine components had been removed showing easier access to engine removall
  • Everything needed to be removed were removed, Radiator, belts, fan, fan shroud, battery.
  • You can see several items were safely wrapped to keep electrical components dry and dirt free.
  • The removal chains were installed but no tension on chains yet

Photo #14
Shows engine on engine hoist used to remove from vehicle

Photo #15
Shows engine on the wooden frame

Photo #16
Shows engine placed on wooden engine frame so flex plate can be removed and the engine can be placed on engine stand for disassembly

Photo #17
Shows engine electrical wire
harness was removed

What we encountered after pulling the engine: Even though the Isuzu Trooper's body and interior were in good shape, the car engine was not, both neglected and abused. After the engine was diagnosed it was determined the #3 Main Bearing was blown damaging the engine making it in operable.

Photo #14 (above) shows the engine still on engine hoist so the flex plate could be removed then Photo 10 shows engine placed on a wooden pallet. Photo #18 (below) shows engine connected to the engine stand after the flex plate had been removed.

The engine oil had not been changed for an unknown amount of time maybe years. The oil was so bad and smell of the oil was so bad it makes the students working on the engine want to puke. Everyone had to walk outside and get fresh air so they wouldn't get sick. After every regained their composure they quickly took the drained oil and deposited the oil into a legal disposal container. The photo below shows how dark the oil was. Photo #19 (below) shows how dirty the top oil pan looks while the lower oil pan was so dirty and loaded down with grime and slug, you can see the metal particles in the bottom of the oil pan. The metal particles were throughout the engine, cylinder heads, valves, and oil galleries.

The abuse of not changing the oil caused the #2 rod bearing to disintegrate the crankshaft as seen in Photo #20 (below).

Because there was no rod bearing, this caused the crankshaft to throw the piston higher than normal and into the bottom of the cylinder head changing the circumference of the piston and damaged the cylinder bore. All six cylinder walls were honed over 500 times in each cylinder bore, but after measuring each cylinder bore with a cylinder bore gauge and after more honing, more measurements were taken, each cylinder bore measured anywhere from 0.003mm to 0.005mm's.

The block was taken to a machine shop and bored to oversize 3.6975mm finish bore, oversize pistons and rings were installed. The rods were in good shape so the machine shop just pressed fitted the new rod pins into the pistons and the job was completed for the next steps in the remanufacturing process.

Photo #18 above shows engine connected
to engine stand after flex plat was

Photo #19 shows how dirty the bottom (lower oil pan) was with black oil deposits.

Photo #20 shows the red circle surrounding the blown #2 rod bearing and the damaged crankshaft.

Photo #21 shows how dirty the oil was in the oil storage container had not been changed, only one could guess in years.

Photo 22

Photo 23

Photo 24

Photo 25
#20 Photo on right, shows engine after crankshaft and main bearings removed
#21 Photo shows the lower engine components removed
#23 Above photo shows empty carcas of lower block wiht crankshaft, main bearings, and rods removed
# 22 Above photo shows the oil pickup tube that dips down into the lower oil pan

Photo 26

Photo 27

Photo 28

Photo 29
Photo #26 shows the damaged crankshaft
Photo #27 shows the cylinder head varnish cams
Photo #28 show the bottom of the engines varnished oil gallery, oil
pickup tube
Photo #29 show block after everything was removed, just an empty block

The pistons pulled from engine were cleaned, but after measuring
cylinders, were out of specifications, the block had to be bored and
new over sized pistons and rings
had to be used.

Photo 30

Photo 31

Photo 32
Photo #30 engine block with one head off and gasket standing up leaning against driver side head, the old pistons have not been removed
Photo #31 above shows engine with one head removed other head has head and coils still attached
Photo #32 engine block with new installed piston, looking through you can see crankshaft
Photo #33 below, you can see the carbon and varnish build up in the old pistons still in the block Engine photo above shows new bored cylinders and new pistons
Photo # 34 you can see the carbon and varnish build up in the old pistons still in the block
Photo # 35 Engine photo below shows new bored cylinders and new pistons
Photo # 36 Shows engine before disassembly, second and third photo show block after being bored and honed, oversized piston and rings installed

Photo 33

Photo 34

Photo 35

Photo 36
The pistons on the right, the dirty one just pulled out of the engine, and then cleaned They were not used because the cylinder wall were out of specifications by 3,000, block had to be bored and honed, new over sized pistons and over sized rings were installed connected to the original piston rods. This is the old set of pistons, the piston and rings were replaced with over sized pistons and rings, the rods were reused. This piston on the left set in solution for full evening, it took an twenty minutes the next day to clean The piston above cleaned up nice, but the block had to be bored and honed, new over sized pistons and rings were installed, we used the same rods, but new piston pins were installed.

Photo 37

Photo 38

Photo 39

Photo 40

Photo 41
The # 39 photo on the far left shows how dirty the cams were. The # 40 Photo in center varnishe camshafts adn manifold. The # 41 Photo far right show dirty block with head gasket leaning up

Photo 42

Photo 43
# 42 Photos above shows crankshaft on the left was pulled out of engine, because of the #2 rod bearing being blown, it damaged the crankshaft The # 43 photo on the right was the crankshaft after it was machined.